we’re back. the trip to seattle was cold as was to be expected. luckily it didn’t rain too much. we stayed with my brother and his boyfriend up on capitol hill for a good deal of the trip. in the last decade we usually only get to spend a few days together every two years if even that. so it was great to spend time with them and play video games projected on their wall. now i’m wishing more than ever that katamari was available for wii and that i had a video projector. well, a video projector has been on my want list for quite awhile. it may just be time to break down and find one.

i always forget how much more variety there is in the states compared to taiwan. i could quickly go broke buying all the cool books, cds, and dvds i saw. of course when my credit card bill arrives i may feel that i did go bonkers with buying those things. anyway, regular blogging should commence again once i’ve adjusted to being back.