i’ve been using audioscrobbler/last.fm to track my listening habits since the last day of 2004, so i thought i’d be fun to take a look at what my overall charts look like since that time:


oddly enough, it took me nearly 3 years to break a 1,000 listens to any single artist. probably because i’m not in the habit of listening to one artist over and over. of course it’s not completely accurate as audioscrobbler has broken down at different times so certain tracks end up not being counted. also the counts tend to be skewered towards those bands that have shorter songs.


interesting to see which bands show up on the overall charts but don’t make it to the tracks chart at all. of course bands that i own fewer cds by(or have released fewer albums) tend to place higher on the tracks chart. when i was younger i never wanted to be one of those people that only listen to music they discovered in their teens/early 20s. if this chart is to believed it looks like i have succeeded in not being completely stuck in my teenage years.


audioscrobbler started tracking albums later than the artists and tracks so it’s not very accurate to my overall listening habits. it’s also the most nitpicky. the audisrobbler system bases album titles on how it’s listed on musicbrainz but if the album title gets updated or changed there the album may not be counted at all on audioscrobbler from that point on unless you have updated yours to match. and of course old listens won’t be consolidated with the new title. if the album happens not to be listed on musicbrainz it may not get counted at all. despite these problems it still gives a basic idea of the albums i’ve listened to the most.