a short interview with patrick winfield on his use of polaroids. it makes me want to try something like this myself. i like the fact that he’s set the record straight on the availability of polaroid film:

CL: Polaroid film does not seem readily available. How does this affect your work?

Winfield: It is actually very available and I enjoy working with it knowing it is available to everyone. It is not as depleted as one may think, but it surely is not the cheapest medium and most formats are being discontinued so I do keep a cache in my fridges crisper drawer. This makes me more conscious at times when using film, as well as preparing food. I am not hesitant if I want to take a shot or start a big composite, rather I will think about it more.

though recently, i’m hearing stories of polaroid 600 film no longer being distributed in parts of asia which is worrisome. it’s a shame that polaroid doesn’t spend a little more time promoting their films instead of almost encouraging it to die.