my friend erik has been posting some of the oddities he’s found at daiso, this being the one that surprised me the most:

yes, inflatable breasts are for everyone. he has a whole set devoted to some of the odd things he’s seen at daiso and elsewhere.

i didn’t recall seeing the inflatable boobs at the daiso here. surprisingly, the tainan daiso(which just expanded to an entire floor of one of the smaller department stores) was open today. today is lunar new year day – traditionally most shops would be closed today, but nearly everything was open today. so of course i went to see how our daiso compares to the seattle one. i was starting to think maybe they’d just exported some of the odder japanese stuff for the american market, but then i found the inflatable breasts in the costume aisle. of course i had to buy it myself. i like the illustrations on the back of the packaging on how to use it:

and of course to go along with that i picked this up:

because, we all have occasions where we need a swan to suddenly grow from our crotch. about 10 years ago there was a japanese comedy show that was quite popular here that featured one of the men in the show wearing something very similiar to this. i’m guessing that is why this toy exists unless it’s something that existed for children prior, and was just used for that show on adults.

i bought this and the inflatable breasts for peter. i figured he wasn’t quite androgynous or freaky enough already.

i couldn’t leave daiso without picking up a few things for myself either.

a wind up flipping crocodile:

and a fireman action figure:

i think he looks rather creepy as well, which is always a plus.