i feared this day would come, but evenso i’m terribly disgusted. polaroid to stop producing all film:

The Norwood and Waltham plants make large-format films used by professional photographers and artists. Polaroid also makes professional-grade films in Mexico, and its consumer film packs come from a factory in the Netherlands. All these plants are slated for closure this year. Polaroid chief operating officer Tom Beaudoin said the company is interested in licensing its technology to an outside firm that could manufacture film for faithful Polaroid customers. If that doesn’t happen, Polaroid users would have to find an alternative photo technology, as the company plans to make only enough film to last into next year.

i really hope someone does step in and produce the film. it seems like just about everyday or week i hear about someone else that just got some sort of polaroid camera.

it’s not bad enough that the company is turning its back on such a unique product, but you have idiots like this guy:

“It’s about time,” said Ron Glaz, director of digital imaging program at IDC Corp. “The fact that they’re getting out of film makes complete sense.”

it’s hardly about time. polaroid would be even more succesful if they’d actually promoted the film instead of letting it promote itself. if you want people to buy a product best to let them know its out there to use and what cool things you can do with it. instead they gave it very little promotion and basically willed it to die. it’s like they were more interested in the name polaroid and less in what great things it had to offer.

luckily some fuji films work in polaroid cameras, but at this writing there are no films on the market* that can work in an sx-70 or cameras that take 600 film.

*there is blend film, but i’m unsure if it will be no more after polaroid closing its plants.