on friday i stopped by eslite to pick up the stereo pinhole camera i’d had them order for me(they actually had it shipped over from another branch so it didn’t take too long). it’s a japanese kit. apparently, part of a series of diy magazines/kits. this one is volume 14. the camera looks really cool and it comes with a fun magazine with lots of cool things in it. i may scan some of my favourite bits from the magazine at a later date. the isbn # is: 4-05-604342-6 in case anyone out there feels like trying to get their local bookstore to order it. there’s a group on flickr devoted to this magazine too and especially shots taken with this camera. now i have two pinhole cameras to put together.

when i ordered this, i also asked eslite to special order the book of mapplethorpe polaroids. i saw this all over the place when i was in seattle over the holidays. they said they’d try. when i picked up the pinhole camera kit they confirmed that they were able to order it for me, but i’d take awhile to get here(i think they have things like this sent by boat, but i can wait).