a few days ago i discovered this tainan tourism site is using some of my pictures on their site(on the screenshot above it’s the shot on the left). there are links back to flickr, but it seems like too much of a commercial site for this to be ok. yesterday i had some local taiwanese friends over(i was teaching them how to develop black and white film) and when i showed them the site one of them noticed that next to my picture was their picture. they said they’d write them and find out why they are using our pictures without even asking first. i suspect they are just using some sort of flickr widget and it may be one of those stupid yahoo things where the photographers get sort of screwed. but we’ll see. i’m not sure how i feel about it. should i be flattered or angry?

in other news, i discovered that the wall street journal has linked to me in relation to their story on the closure of polaroid factories. it’s just a “related articles and blogs” link, but still i find it, well, amusing.