a few weeks ago i went to the kaohsiung flea market. surpisingly, i found a seller selling a bunch of 7″ singles. singles are somewhat rare in taiwan. i know they used to have them, but for quite a long time they’ve not existed here except in rare occassions(i’m guessing the singles chart is probably largely a result of payola). this seller had a large selection of records released in japan. of course i was pretty clueless as to the japanese bands(i looked for things like pizzicato five and ymo but didn’t see anything). however, i still managed to find a few interesting things:

i was pretty happy to find this personal listening record. i was hoping for something really wacky, but a bit disppapointed to find it was just two sides of piano music, not bad, but still…

next up is this 7″ from some what looks to be some sort of italian spaghetti western. it’s not bad at all, and has a cool cover to boot.

of course i couldn’t pass on this gene loves jezebel single from the 80s. this is the only thing i bought that wasn’t a japanese issue. this being on the situation two label. i was never a huge gene loves jezebel fan back in the 80s, but i liked them well enough to pick up this single out of curiousity.

picked this monkees single up on a whim. i don’t know if it’s the condition of this record, or something to do with my turntable but valleri sounds a lot more noisy than i remember it sounding. a nice noise too.

and finally the find of the day. a cheryl ladd single(!). i suspect her singing career must have been very shortlived. the a-side where is someone to love me isn’t too bad. the b-side being less interesting.