i posted before about the fact that polaroid will close all it’s factories for film production by the end of the year. cbs news recently did a story on polaroid. it’s a nice short look at the history of polaroid of course, and then they go and talk to that idiot that bought it – and why did he buy it? for the logo!

i know a lot of people may not realize how serious a loss this is. a lot of people’s impression of polaroids are cameras that take crappy pictures. of course there is a reason for this. it’s been decades since polaroid has produced a camera of quality or that even allows you to focus(the sx-70 does this quite well).

some people may have seen polaroid work and not even realized they were polaroids(ansel adams, robert mapplethorpe, etc).

this isn’t just the passing of a film company, it’s a passing of a one of a kind film. there are things you can do with polaroids that you can not do with any other type of film(ie photo manipulation, emulsion lifts, etc) it’d be like the only company in the world that manufactures oil paints deciding (after doing no promotion for their product in years) to stop manufacturing it and using photoshop as their excuse for it.

luckily, some people aren’t just taking this laying on their backs and are organizing to try to save it. the save polaroid movement. you can help by signing some of the petitions out there or writing fujifilm and ilford directly(apparently ilford are in talks with polaroid about producing the bw polaroid films, but there’s been no word on anyone willing to produce the common 600 film or other colour polaroid films).