March 2008

i’m not a big fan of watching movies on line(especially at the crappy quality of youtube) but i still think it’s cool that someone has uploaded shinya tsukamoto’s early film adventures of electric rod boy. here’s part one for a taste:

the rest can be found here: part two, part three, part four, part five. via gmtplus9(-15).


project prostitute – drawings of prostitutes. from the humourous to the questionable.

via quiddity who thought a lot of them looked like britney spears. i’m not seeing it in these drawings, but most pop singers seem like prostitutes to me anyway.

the chawed rosin has a nice post about people creating art out of peeps. i’d never heard of the candy(though it looks familiar), but some of the art is kind of fun. i dug this send up of csi:

a nice collection of sci-fi book covers here(via pcl linkdump). all the more interesting to me as a lot of them are in german. speaking of sci-fi, arthur c. clarke has passed away. i read many of his books when i was in junior high and high school before i was forbidden to read them(or any sci-fi for that matter) by an english teacher.

my friend erik let me know about this chicken kid comic:

there’s more here. surprisingly, this has never happened to me. it reminds me a bit of what the duck:

not in look, but in some of the content.

speaking of comics, scrubbles has started his own strip. you can see what he’s posted so far here. i’m looking forward to seeing how this develops.

i’ve never heard of this anime film tekkon kinkreet. but this post chock full of scans from a book on the film look amazing. via everlasting blort.

I’d never heard of grickle before or it’s creator graham annable, but i’m digging his animations:

more can be found on the grickle channel. and graham has a blog as well for those that want to learn more. via junkyard clubhouse.

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