for the japan fan that has everything. steve jansen is selling limited edition prints he took back in the heyday of japan:

For some time it has been my intention to publish a book of photographs taken during my early twenties, a time when youth, travel, friendship and work coincided in a way blessed by good fortune. The consistant problem however has been the issue of quality over quantitiy and this has generally led to an impasse with publishers who need to consider high production costs against humble sales and as a result favour a more cost effected approach culminating in an inferior product. This doesn’t hold much interest for me.

As time passes and the realisation emerges that these images may never become published in book form, the internet offers an alternative – a chance to make them available in quality print form. The selection of images here can be individually purchased and the buyer will receive a signed, limited edition print that I will personally oversee.

for some reason i was thinking some of these were polaroid shots, but now i’m thinking i was mistaken.