a few weeks ago my new polaroid camera arrived from ebay. i was very happy to get it until i opened the battery compartment and saw that it was a bit corroded and that a few of the battery connectors were either missing or just disconnected. after cleaning it up some i managed to get it to work. but i’m still not sure what to do about feedback. in most respects the seller was very good and i’m not even sure he was aware of the problem.

last saturday was a tainan flickr meetup(we met up at the an-ping treehouse). of the ones we’ve had this was the largest(nearly 20 people!). i got to see a lot of old friends and make some new ones which was great fun. i brought my new polaroid and took some shots. this being one of my favourites:

in tainan city some of the historic sites have an entrance fee if you are not a citizen of the city. well, this day i discovered that my arc(alien resident card) will get me into these places free since it states i live in tainan city. very cool.