today, i got a call from eslite telling me one of the books i ordered had arrived. it was volume 17 of the mook(magazine+book=mook) publication otona no-kagaku. these are part magazine part diy kit. the first one i got was a stereopinhole camera(which i’m currently running a test roll through). issue 17 is a kit to make a mini theremin(for under 30 bucks u.s.!).

the inside of the kit looks like this:

something that surprised me, but probably shouldn’t have, is that there was an article/interview with cornelius in it:

the article is all in japanese so of course i have no idea what it says. the magazine also has pictures of various thereminists including one of the guys from ymo(though that looks to be more about old elctronic instruments than specifically the theremin).

i’ve ordered stuff from eslite before, but this time a few days after i ordered it i got a call. i misunderstood and thought it was in already. but they wanted me to pay for it in advance(something i’ve never had to do before in all the years i’d ordered books), not sure why they didn’t ask for the money when i asked them to order it for me.

there’s a few more issues i want to order, but unfortunately it’s looking like one of them(some sort of camera) may be sold out. isbn for the theremin issue is: 4056048746 in case anyone out there may want to have their local japanese/asian bookshop try to order it.