there are a lot of reasons to be disgusted with the lomography company. their co-opting of other trends and marketing it as their own is just one of the things that makes me hate them. their attempt to co-op the world wide pinhole photography day inspired nicolai to write up this informative post on the evils of lomography. the price comparison is very good – and i was unaware(but not surprised) at this letter they sent to someone in russia telling him it was illegal for him to sell second hand LC-As. i cringe when i hear someone refer to themselves as a “lomographer” and feel rather insulted if someone is stupid enough to call me one. thanks to their marketing you get fools that think any form of a holga is a lomography product which it definately is not or that lomo and lomography are the same thing(lomo is a russian camera company – lomography just sell these cameras at inflated prices).

my first holga came from lomography(bought locally), if i knew then what i know now i would never have been so foolish.