May 2008

based on an on-line poll some people tried to create the world’s most annoying song. the list of annoyances include:

holiday music, bagpipes, pipe organ, a children’s chorus and the concept of children in general (really?), Wal-Mart, cowboys, political jingoism, George Stephanopoulos, Coca Cola, bossanova synths, banjo ferocity, harp glissandos, oompah-ing tubas

i listened to some of the mp3 on the site, and it doesn’t sound all that much different from a lot of the stuff i normally listen to. via sound-scavengers.


this is rather sad. a man took a polaroid a day for 18 years. they stopped when he died. i can’t seem to reach the original page with the majority of the polaroids, but just this nice entry from mental floss where the story of the man’s life is pieced together by looking at the polaroids.

nightmare playgrounds. a few of these are creepy, but i doubt most of this would have creeped me out as a kid. via everlasting blort.

a few weeks ago i was interviewed by one of the chinese language papers(the china times) about my camera collection. it wasn’t something i had pursued. the boss of one of the photo labs i go to said a reporter wanted to talk to someone with an unusual camera collection. so he gave me the reporters number and the interview was set up.

peter came along for the interview to help with translation as my chinese is nowhere near good enough to handle this sort of thing. on monday the interview was published and while it’s sort of fun being in the paper there are so many mistakes in the article that it might as well not even be me. my age is off by nearly 10 years(i guess i should be flattered by this), the school i went to is wrong, etc. some things that are said to happen never did.

i knew there would probably be some mistakes in it, but it’s almost like i’m a completely different person. crazy.

the article is up on their blog. here is a very bad google translation of the page. as a result of this, a tv station wants to interview me this weekend. hopefully that’ll go better. though i don’t really relish the idea of being on tv. so much for my low profile.

i’ve been meaning to post about this for awhile. my sister sent me to this site of a woman making, well, i’ll just quote her:

Any of you who grew up in the 80’s probably owned a lucky rabbit’s foot at one time or another. I know I always had one swinging from the zipper of my backpack and I loved to rub it during class, feeling the hard tendons and nubby toenails. It grossed me out a bit back then, and still grosses me out now. But I still love the things.

Since we live in utterly p.c. times, you don’t see rabbits’ feet for sale anymore. Decorating with severed limbs is so passe. But I’ve been wanting to have one anyways so I went ahead and whipped one up for myself out of my fabric. It turned out pretty well and I got to thinking about all the poor, gimpy rabbits out there. Naturally I had to then make the rabbit as well.

her creations are pretty hilarious, not to mention the history on the rabbits foot she dug up.

today peter and i went to jiali in tainan county to this funky restaurant/bar called grace garden. the owner is a somewhat famous designer i gather. the food was ok, but the place itself was really cool. a mix of native culture, americana, and diy art. there were even rabbits running around. it reminded me little of howard finster and this place my friend garth took me to in new mexico called tinker town.

i snapped some shots with my new fuji instax 200 camera:

inside the telephone booth were the remains of some old phones. the washed out sign is a poster advertising some old chinese language movie.

all aboard the art train!

cool old style signage.

i’d been debating whether to buy this fuji instax 200 camera or not, but with the murder of polaroid, my options for instant film are dwindling. i’d heard mixed things about the instax film and cameras but i’m already in love with mine. i picked it up yesterday as that evening i was being interviewed by the china news(one of the chinese language papers here) about my camera collection. the interview went ok, so sometime next week i may end up in the paper – space allowing. i’m sure i’ll look like your typical moronic foreigner, but oh well.

i feel like my childhood must have been incomplete as i never read how to care for your monster as a child, but i still appreciate it as an adult. frankensteinia and the drunken severed head have nice write ups on the book. via eye of the goof.