today peter and i went to jiali in tainan county to this funky restaurant/bar called grace garden. the owner is a somewhat famous designer i gather. the food was ok, but the place itself was really cool. a mix of native culture, americana, and diy art. there were even rabbits running around. it reminded me little of howard finster and this place my friend garth took me to in new mexico called tinker town.

i snapped some shots with my new fuji instax 200 camera:

inside the telephone booth were the remains of some old phones. the washed out sign is a poster advertising some old chinese language movie.

all aboard the art train!

cool old style signage.

i’d been debating whether to buy this fuji instax 200 camera or not, but with the murder of polaroid, my options for instant film are dwindling. i’d heard mixed things about the instax film and cameras but i’m already in love with mine. i picked it up yesterday as that evening i was being interviewed by the china news(one of the chinese language papers here) about my camera collection. the interview went ok, so sometime next week i may end up in the paper – space allowing. i’m sure i’ll look like your typical moronic foreigner, but oh well.