i’ve been meaning to post about this for awhile. my sister sent me to this site of a woman making, well, i’ll just quote her:

Any of you who grew up in the 80’s probably owned a lucky rabbit’s foot at one time or another. I know I always had one swinging from the zipper of my backpack and I loved to rub it during class, feeling the hard tendons and nubby toenails. It grossed me out a bit back then, and still grosses me out now. But I still love the things.

Since we live in utterly p.c. times, you don’t see rabbits’ feet for sale anymore. Decorating with severed limbs is so passe. But I’ve been wanting to have one anyways so I went ahead and whipped one up for myself out of my fabric. It turned out pretty well and I got to thinking about all the poor, gimpy rabbits out there. Naturally I had to then make the rabbit as well.

her creations are pretty hilarious, not to mention the history on the rabbits foot she dug up.