a few weeks ago i was interviewed by one of the chinese language papers(the china times) about my camera collection. it wasn’t something i had pursued. the boss of one of the photo labs i go to said a reporter wanted to talk to someone with an unusual camera collection. so he gave me the reporters number and the interview was set up.

peter came along for the interview to help with translation as my chinese is nowhere near good enough to handle this sort of thing. on monday the interview was published and while it’s sort of fun being in the paper there are so many mistakes in the article that it might as well not even be me. my age is off by nearly 10 years(i guess i should be flattered by this), the school i went to is wrong, etc. some things that are said to happen never did.

i knew there would probably be some mistakes in it, but it’s almost like i’m a completely different person. crazy.

the article is up on their blog. here is a very bad google translation of the page. as a result of this, a tv station wants to interview me this weekend. hopefully that’ll go better. though i don’t really relish the idea of being on tv. so much for my low profile.