not too long ago i bought this pinhole camera kit. it’s part of a series of science related kits put out by science egg. some company based in hk making kits for the hk and taiwan market. this particular one apparently is a camera originally created or sold by the japanese otona no kagaku gakken science kits. it’s a little confusing as they say it originally appeared in issue no. 2 of that magazine. but as far as i can tell no. 2 was not a camera, but issue no. 3 was. so maybe it’s a typo. the other curious thing is the picture of the camera for issue no. 3 is not the same as this camera. hmm.

the camera is pretty cool. it comes with a pinhole:

which is to be expected. but it also comes with a lens:

the picture on the left is of a viewfinder you can put in the back of the camera before taking pictures to help with framing and focus. i’ve not really used it. i have yet to use the lens, but a few shots i’ve seen taken with it by others give a nice soft focus along the edges. something i definately need to do some exploring of.

the kit also comes with a plastic bag containing paper that you can take pictures on. they look like cyanotype. but apparently you use an iron to activate the images(or maybe an iron to dry it? i’m a little unclear on this point). so i’m not sure what it is exactly.

the isbn number is 978-988-99524-0-2. it’s possible it’s sitting in the children’s section in your local china town bookstore. i’ve seen them locally at the tainan and kaohsiung branches of the eslite bookstore.

here’s a flickr set for the test roll i shot with it or all images i’ve taken with it here.