last weekend peter and i stopped by the tainan flea market. since this flea market is a little small it can be hit and miss. this trip i didn’t come away empty handed. i found this nifty toyota toy:

you’ll have to excuse the poor scan. this toy was only given out at toyota dealers. usually when you had your car worked on or tuned up. there is a male version which i already have(thanks to a toyota owning friend) so it was nice to get the female version to complete the duo. it was a bit more than i probably should have spent on it, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

i also found something i’d never found at this particular flea market before. film!

it expired in 1992. the seller thought i was crazy to be buying it(why are you selling it if you think it’s crazy to buy it in the first place?). at less than a buck(u.s.) a roll i’m not balking at it. plus expired film often yields odd colour shifts which can be quite interesting.

edit: looks like the film isn’t from 1992, but expired in taiwanese year 92 which means it expired about 5 years ago. and to make things odder on the back there is a tag that this was for some sort of mcdonald’s give away or something. did they give away cameras and film a few years ago? i’m very confused by that.