August 2008

stumbling on this trailer on a fad gadget documentary lead me to both the mute page and the fad gadget page about a box set of two cds and two dvds(!) on fad gadget/frank tovey. it apparently came out in 2006. why has it taken me this long to even know of its existence? i think i have some music ordering to do.


in the past i haven’t bothered much with the audioscrobbler/ player as it always seemed to hang up or was constantly buffering. but today i gave it a try to play the section called my library. this is the random selection they gave me(not counting one or two tracks i skipped past like a live version of an echo and the bunnymen song that wasn’t one of their better tracks):

  • wedding song psychedelic furs
  • quasars sven libaek
  • don’t die on me mirah
  • sinking the cure
  • coka, i’m fine my little airport
  • adolescent sex japan
  • julie with… brian eno
  • the devil’s own david sylvian
  • once i loved(o amor em paz) chris montez
  • night shift siouxsie and the banshees
  • take it or leave it madness
  • at the chime of a city clock nick drake
  • room 101 eurythmics
  • a wave crashed on rocks felt
  • luxury fad gadget
  • angels of decption the the
  • nieces pieces(boat knife version) xiu xiu
  • c is the heavenly option heavenly

a bit heavy on the 80s, but to be honest that reflects a lot of what i’m listening to these days. i’m not sure what kind of clearance they had to get to use the songs. nothing extremely obscure, but i was surprised to see the chris montez song pop up. happy, but surprised. the sound still seems a bit thin to me, but it’s still something i may play around with from time to time. i’m not sure if playing someone elses library results in full songs or not.

update: well, after playing around with it some more, the player still has problems. last night i kept getting “there was an error” message. the sound quality is better than i initially thought and you can play other people’s library which is kind of fun.

this last weekend while i was up in taipei i finally managed to pick up a copy of the summer issue of snap! magazine. this is a japanese photography magazine. i’d seen it on the shelves before, but since it was sealed in plastic and is in japanese(which i cannot read) i wasn’t sure whether i should pick it up. it also seemed a little too much like a promotional tool for the evil lomography. but this issue has a few shots from my fellow filmwaster artpunk as well as a write up on the new superheadz camera blackbird fly:

the camera should be out very soon and is retailing for a little less than 100 u.s. maybe a little expensive for a plastic camera, but how often does an all plastic 35mm tlr get released?

a friend sent me this youtube link to a nice documentary on the photographer/filmmaker robert frank:

part two here and part three here.

in photography circles he seems to be most famous for his book of photographs the americans. i had no idea he was responsible for the film pull my daisy which i seem to recall getting criticized by other experimental filmmakers at the time it was released.

tonight peter and i took down my show. i sort of neglected to blog about this before, but i had my first solo photography show at a local cafe. getting it prepared was pretty stressful, but in the end things seemed to go well. most of my friends were able to come. well, the friends in taiwan at least. nothing sold, but for me it was more about showing work than about selling work. i don’t think that many people go to a cafe thinking “gee, i want to buy some art”. most of the shots i took at the show didn’t turn out that great(i’ll post some here anyway). at some future date i’ll put together a flickr set about the show.

this is my favourite piece from the show:

one of the things i miss living in taiwan is the ability to sift through shelves and shelves of english language books. on trips back to the states i routinely hit used or specialty book stores to stock up on things i can’t find locally or at such nice prices. taiwan hardly lacks used bookstores, but many have no english books, or merely a small shelf of them. on saturday i stopped by a small shop here that has a small section of english books. your usual suspects are here: literature, religious books(primarily christian), kids books, etc. but to my joy i found the unauthorized biography of kenneth anger. and for 80 nt(under 3 u.s.d.) i’m more than happy. i can’t help but wonder who sold this and where did it come from? i’ve already started reading it and i’m sure i’ll be finished rather quickly. it’s interesting, but there are things here and there i’m taking with a grain of salt. can’t say it’s really improving my impression of crowley and nothing could improve my image of ron l hubbard.

this is pretty fun. lego renditons of album covers. wish they would of done more bands i like, but oh well. photoshopping the lego characters into existing record albums just doesn’t seem as cool as recreating everything though.