one of the things i miss living in taiwan is the ability to sift through shelves and shelves of english language books. on trips back to the states i routinely hit used or specialty book stores to stock up on things i can’t find locally or at such nice prices. taiwan hardly lacks used bookstores, but many have no english books, or merely a small shelf of them. on saturday i stopped by a small shop here that has a small section of english books. your usual suspects are here: literature, religious books(primarily christian), kids books, etc. but to my joy i found the unauthorized biography of kenneth anger. and for 80 nt(under 3 u.s.d.) i’m more than happy. i can’t help but wonder who sold this and where did it come from? i’ve already started reading it and i’m sure i’ll be finished rather quickly. it’s interesting, but there are things here and there i’m taking with a grain of salt. can’t say it’s really improving my impression of crowley and nothing could improve my image of ron l hubbard.