in the past i haven’t bothered much with the audioscrobbler/ player as it always seemed to hang up or was constantly buffering. but today i gave it a try to play the section called my library. this is the random selection they gave me(not counting one or two tracks i skipped past like a live version of an echo and the bunnymen song that wasn’t one of their better tracks):

  • wedding song psychedelic furs
  • quasars sven libaek
  • don’t die on me mirah
  • sinking the cure
  • coka, i’m fine my little airport
  • adolescent sex japan
  • julie with… brian eno
  • the devil’s own david sylvian
  • once i loved(o amor em paz) chris montez
  • night shift siouxsie and the banshees
  • take it or leave it madness
  • at the chime of a city clock nick drake
  • room 101 eurythmics
  • a wave crashed on rocks felt
  • luxury fad gadget
  • angels of decption the the
  • nieces pieces(boat knife version) xiu xiu
  • c is the heavenly option heavenly

a bit heavy on the 80s, but to be honest that reflects a lot of what i’m listening to these days. i’m not sure what kind of clearance they had to get to use the songs. nothing extremely obscure, but i was surprised to see the chris montez song pop up. happy, but surprised. the sound still seems a bit thin to me, but it’s still something i may play around with from time to time. i’m not sure if playing someone elses library results in full songs or not.

update: well, after playing around with it some more, the player still has problems. last night i kept getting “there was an error” message. the sound quality is better than i initially thought and you can play other people’s library which is kind of fun.