September 2008

some sage advice from the 70s or at the very least some very cool pictures. how could you not want a purple room to roll around in? via quiddity.


an interesting post here about a photographer that recieved a mysterious package from his past one day just when he could really use it. it makes a great story, but i’m not sure i really buy it. as one commenter said, the letter sounds more like someone trying to fake not knowing english than someone who really doesn’t know english. regardless, it makes a nice story. via yip yop.

a nifty italian soundtrack for download over at monone’s library. you can hear a sample over at pcl linkdump. it sold me on it.

today i got a cool package from my friend erin. why/how it got delivered on a sunday is probably best not to question. as you can see above one piece of the contents was a cool keychain from canada. bonus points for it having a moose on it.

other goodies in the package:

some very cool and colourful airmail labels. i’m not sure what year these are from.

a radiohead hail to the theif puzzle thingy. this came apart in transit and i had to put it back in it’s frame. obviously, it’s still not solved. i’ve never been a huge fan of radiohead. the one song i like above others is the one diehard fans and the band themselves dislike creep. but i still think this is fun.

the back of an aerogramme. you can’t go wrong with some ballooning illustration i always say. inside is a part of a letter erin started to me back in 2000.

next up a couple of dvds. this one having erik estrada in it so you know it should be full of class.

second dvd: persepolis. i actually rented this a few months ago and really loved it. it’s a good thing i never bought it since here it is magically in my mailbox!

a postcard from sammy and rosie get laid a film that when released in the states some prudish newspapers just called it sammy and rosie. wimps.

wise advice from snoopy. well, you can never have too much of this sort of stuff.

can you smell the 70s? i’m not sure what this is for. the back says soft touch and a copyright by the american greeting card company.

and finally, a postcard from the 24 hour church of elvis. i wonder if this place even exists? i remember visiting it a few times in portland back in the early 90s.

also in the package was the beaver trilogy dvd. since it’s sans packaging, no pictures. but i’m definately looking forward to watching that. of the trio, i’ve only seen the orkley kid.

i’m sure i’ve mentioned these websites before, but i just rediscovered them. library music is just that, a blog devoted to downloads of various obscure library music albums(that is music meant as incidental music used in tv shows and movies but not written for a specific show or film). i’m quit enjoying this disc by augustyn bloch and for ennio morricone completists there’s a rare download of some of his more avant-garde work.

third island is a blog devoted to lounge, library music and other oddities of a musical nature. i went straight for this mike sammes singers album and this album of electronic wonderment by don harper(of radiophonic workshop fame). how can you not be intrigued by an album called homo eletronicus sporting a cover design full of phallic symbols? i’m pretty curious about this album by jamie redfern, who was apparently championed by liberace.

in the past i’ve had trouble with some download sites as the final names will contain characters my computer doesn’t recognize. so when you go to unzip a file, you don’t get the complete album. luckily, so far, with these two sites i’ve not had that trouble. though i did notice that in a few cases you needed to paste the download url into a new window as there were no direct links.

i can’t get enough of this sort of thing. a small selection of sci-fi artwork by alex schomburg. via everlasting blort.

a short, but nice interview here with invader. an artist famous for putting up space invader tile mosaics in various cities around the world. i doubt every space invader tile mosaic on the streets are his(it seems i’ve seen kits of these for sale before), but i bet quite a few are. interestingly, he’s branching out from tile to rubik cubes for his artistic medium. via gmtplus9(-15).

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