early last month i went up to taipei. while up there my favourite taiwanese band dolly’s pillbox were playing. it was an unplugged show. it’s been well over a year since i’d seen them live. in that time there have been quite a few line up changes. they have a new guitarist(jelly who apparently was an original member when the band began). mei mei the drummer has gone off to be in some electronica band. i’m not sure if they are going to replace her or just go about it drumless.

their show consisted of all new material. some of their older material seemed to have a slightly harder edge(you can hear some of the older material here). the new stuff was pure twee. unfortunately, it wasn’t one of their best shows. at one point cathy(lead singer) had some problems with her recorder and they had to start the song over. they sometimes look shy or nervous on stage, but this time they seemed nervous in a different way. despite the glitches it was good to see them again and i liked what i heard.

after the show i hung out with the band some(they were sort of like friends before, but now it’s official). i told them i thought the new stuff wasn’t angry. and cathy reassured me “i’m still angry”. they told me that when their new cd is done they are going to release it themselves and not be part of any label so they can keep the price low. i’m not sure if it’ll be distributed to stores or you’ll have to buy it directly from the band. i’ll be getting a copy for sure.