i’m sure i’ve mentioned these websites before, but i just rediscovered them. library music is just that, a blog devoted to downloads of various obscure library music albums(that is music meant as incidental music used in tv shows and movies but not written for a specific show or film). i’m quit enjoying this disc by augustyn bloch and for ennio morricone completists there’s a rare download of some of his more avant-garde work.

third island is a blog devoted to lounge, library music and other oddities of a musical nature. i went straight for this mike sammes singers album and this album of electronic wonderment by don harper(of radiophonic workshop fame). how can you not be intrigued by an album called homo eletronicus sporting a cover design full of phallic symbols? i’m pretty curious about this album by jamie redfern, who was apparently championed by liberace.

in the past i’ve had trouble with some download sites as the final names will contain characters my computer doesn’t recognize. so when you go to unzip a file, you don’t get the complete album. luckily, so far, with these two sites i’ve not had that trouble. though i did notice that in a few cases you needed to paste the download url into a new window as there were no direct links.