i’ve wanted the polaroid book ever since i heard of its existence. i finally had eslite order it for me and it arrived this last weekend. what an amazing book. the print quality is great and the colours are fantastic. to make it even better, it only cost around 12 bucks. i’m not sure if that was a mistake or not, but for a book of this quality it’s almost unheard of. 250 people contributed work to the book. andy warhol, chuck close, robert mapplethorpe, and many many others i’d never heard of before, but would love to see more of.

i wish more books were of this quality. when i was back in the states last christmas i saw the found polaroid book, but the quality of the printing didn’t seem anywhere near as nice of this. now of course found probably doesn’t have the same budget that taschen does for these things and their photos are not coming from some archive, but i still wish more books(in general) had such quality.