today peter and i went up to jiali in tainan county for the final day of the design festival that was happening there. i’m always hoping to see something cool at these sort of events, but usually i’m disappointed. this was no exception, lots of mediocrity on display(not to mention that most of the displays were caked in dust). i guess it’s just too much to ask for things to be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

there was a sofa on display from singapore called “new wave” but it really should have been called “old wave” as it hardly seemed groundbreaking. peter mentioned that even some of the stuff that seemed nicer still looked cheap because of the materials used.

there were some interesting lamps on display and i dug quite a bit of the stuff i saw from france and germany. we ran into some friends who had bought some interesting rubber coasters which could also protect your hands from a hot cup or be used to help opening jars with tight lids by giving you extra grip.

there were a lot of bicycles on display, which makes sense when you consider how popular bicycling has become recently. it seems like lots of shops are giving away folding bicycles when you sign up for certain services or buy certain products(peter and i are supposed to be getting folding ones for signing up with a new cell phone company).

outside the main exhibition area were vendors selling various products. a lot of what was for sale was more interesting than what was on display in the official exhibition space. i’m not sure what that says about the official exhibition.