November 2008

yesterday peter and i went to chiayi(as part of a tainan flickr meetup). we went to the artsite of chiayi railway warehouse. it’s basically some warehouses behind the train station that have been converted into an alternative art space. it was nice place and i quite liked the art. since it was the last weekend the artists were supposed to be there as well, but i only saw one(artists are given a studio space each month). a painter dealing in semi-abstract figures. one painting i liked in particular used thread or some sort of loose fabric to give the painting extra texture.

after dinner we went to the nightmarket and i ended up picking up some more toys:

the picture isn’t that great. the flash always likes to mess up my macro shots. but you get the general idea. i wish the set would have had grampa, but it was nice that it had milhouse and itchy and scratchy.

on the way back to the train station we stopped in at a cd shop and i found this dvd:

i knew there had to be a catch as it was 12 bucks for 10 dvds of hanna-barbera cartoons. i figured the quality was probably pretty low. before buying i double checked to make sure the cartoons were in english since cartoons on tv are routinely dubbed into chinese. it said quite clearly(in chinese) english with chinese subtitles. well, when we got back to tainan and i popped it into the dvd player. they were in chinese with chinese subtitles. if i had bought the set here in tainan, i could simply return them. but it’s hardly worth the train ticket up to chiayi to return the set. as a result i’m itching to see some of these old cartoons in english again.


i”ve posted about this camera before. i’ve been lusting after it just about ever since i first discovered it. once i discovered keystone was finally carrying it i rushed out an order and now i have my own blackbird, fly:

the camera is a 35mm plastic twin lens reflex. it’s a bit pricey for a plastic camera(around 120 usd), but considering the work that went into its development it’s probably worth it. i’ve only run two rolls through mine so far, but i don’t regret the money spent one bit. an interesting thing about the camera is it has three shooting set ups. it comes with a square mask, a rectangular mask and if you don’t put any mask it’ll expose all the way to the sprocket holes. of course i prefer square shots. so my first roll was done with a square mask:

for my second roll i used some expired colour agfa vista film with no mask:

more of the test roll can be found here and all the bbf shots i’ve taken here and of course there’s already a flickr group for the camera.

microcinema is having a holiday sale. lots of interesting things on discount. eventhough i shouldn’t – i’ll probably put in an order. some things that have caught my eye: these su friedrich films, this release by negativland(dvd+cd!), a jack smith documentary, and this collection of experimental films by takahiko iimura. there are short clips of most of the films to give you an idea of what some of the films are like. lots of temptation.

i recently noticed this milk chocolate bar at 7-11 featuring the 7-11 mascot OPENå°‡. i’ve got a growing fondness for this mascot even if it seems to be maybe a little too similiar to afroken(who i also love of course). i wasn’t expecting much from the candy. when i popped a piece into my mouth it was pleasant enough, but something unexpected started to happen. a familiar crackling – pop rocks! the chocolate has something similiar to pop rocks in it so your mouth crackles even after most of the chocolate is gone. this is the first time i’d ever heard of such a thing, but maybe i’m just out of the modern chocolate loop. hmm, i wonder if this is something the candy wrapper museum would be interested in?

how cool is this. criswell on the tonight show. via pcl linkdump.

an interesting post over at moominstuff about various odds and ends of polaroid packaging. probably of only interest to design and camera nerds, but the packaging for the flash bulbs probably hold a certain nostalgia factor for people of a certain age. the surprise for me was this:

yes, apparently there was at one time instant polaroid slide film. how did i not know this?

i picked up this great photography book by Yao Jui-Chung this last week. he had a show up in taipei recently(it may still be running i’m unsure) which i wasn’t able to get to. aside from the obi strip, the book is nearly cover to cover black and white pictures. grainy, dark, black and white. the subject matter tends to be the kind of stuff i love. wacky things you can find at temples, abandoned buildings, graffiti, etc. some shots were even taken here in tainan(it’s especially fun to see shots of things i’ve taken pictures of myself). you can learn more about the artist here. sadly, the ufo houses featured on the cover of the book are slated to be demolished by the end of the month. hopefully those responsible will be properly cursed for their actions.

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