mutant sounds. yet another music download blog. what makes this one especially appealing to me is the selection of rather obscure cassette only electronic music. i used to see these in record stores and they always had a nice diy feel to them, but usually i’d pass on them for some sort of vinyl. well, now i can go back and listen to what i’ve been missing all these years. so far i’ve downloaded this release by rick crane which should appeal to those that like sci-fi sounds and these releases by irsol. i think i prefer half-life to first contact.

the blog isn’t limited to this 80s electronic music, it also features a lot of kraturock and prog. it also seems to have a wide scope of countries represented. so you can hear what was going on in the czech republic or japan or israel at different times which is nice.

the site also has a few library music albums(these roger roger releases looking quite good). i spent much too much time last night just browsing through the site and saw work available by ariel pink’s haunted graffiti(mostly unreleased stuff), a moog catholic mass, twink(the toy piano band but really you should just go buy his releases), negativland, etc. not all of this is showing up searching the site, so you may have to poke around a bit to find it, but to me that’s half the fun. via stone cold pimpin’.