i”ve posted about this camera before. i’ve been lusting after it just about ever since i first discovered it. once i discovered keystone was finally carrying it i rushed out an order and now i have my own blackbird, fly:

the camera is a 35mm plastic twin lens reflex. it’s a bit pricey for a plastic camera(around 120 usd), but considering the work that went into its development it’s probably worth it. i’ve only run two rolls through mine so far, but i don’t regret the money spent one bit. an interesting thing about the camera is it has three shooting set ups. it comes with a square mask, a rectangular mask and if you don’t put any mask it’ll expose all the way to the sprocket holes. of course i prefer square shots. so my first roll was done with a square mask:

for my second roll i used some expired colour agfa vista film with no mask:

more of the test roll can be found here and all the bbf shots i’ve taken here and of course there’s already a flickr group for the camera.