December 2008

an anatomical look at some of the creatures in godzilla. very cool. that’s gamera above in case you couldn’t figure it out. more vintage godzilla images can be found in this flickr set as well. via quiddity.


recently, a package arrived from my brother containing a late birthday gift and an early christmas gift. the birthday gift was:

one of my favourite movies that i haven’t seen in years and am happy to report still love. at some point we’d taped this off tv and watched it countless times. just about all our friends were forced to watch it, but i don’t recall any complaining so they must have appreciated it as well.

the whole thing is up on youtube. here’s the first part for the curious:

katherine hepburn doesn’t make an entrance until part two though.

the christmas gift was the busby berkeley collection:

I’d put this on my amazon wishlist not really thinking anyone would really buy it for me. but i’m quite happy to have it. i’ve only watched a few so far, but i’m enjoying what i’m seeing. often the rest of the film(s) pale in comparison to the big surrealistic dance numbers, but i’m not complaining. the extras on the discs are nice too. some musical shorts as well as some vintage cartoons. in one of the sort of making of bits john waters mentions that these were the first midnight movies. this is what inspired the hippies to start raiding thrift stores for clothes from the 20s. considering that in the cockettes documentary there is mention of a commune devoted to the 20s and 30s where members dressed in clothes from that time and collected records from that period – it all sort of makes sense.

these are gorgeous. images from some spanish comics from the 1950s. more can be found here. via pcl linkdump.

i’d never heard of this taiwanese singer before, but when it comes to music in taiwan there are bits of oddities to yet be discovered i suspect. at least discovered by me. via the chawed rosin