January 2009

peter and i are heading off to taipei and then to hualien for the lunar new year holidays. the server is probably going to be down in that time which’ll mean no pictures. blogging will continue after we get back sometime late next week.


this looks like good news for polaroid fans. ilford and one of the guys who helped launch lomography have teamed up to come up with a new instant film to work in sx-70 and 600 polaroid cameras. i’m not so thrilled with lomography connection, but hopefully this’ll mean new instant film and if we’re lucky at an affordable price. it looks like the first film they plan to produce will be bw which i’m really looking forward to. they hope to have it ready sometime in 2010. there is more on these developments here and here.

finally, someone has created a useful flickr tool. flickr least interesting. mine:

i’m not sure how it’s figuring it out, but it can’t be any worse than whatever flickr is using(which for a long time would exclude any film shots, but that may have been fixed – i’m unsure) to figure out their “most interesting”. you can search for users, text or tags. so you can look up the least interesting for punk, exotica or even name that film.

this looks like a lot of fun. a project where you leave a disposable camera somewhere with instructions to shoot the camera and mail it to the organization headquarters. they then develop it and post it to their site. you can see a sample of a camera waiting to be discovered here. more info on how it works here and of course their blog with posts about various things relating to the project. i think it’s really cool. i may have to sign up, but i’d have to have everything translated into chinese before leaving it somewhere of course.

one of the christmas presents i got from my sister was this hello kitty disposable camera. the fun thing about this is the film is pre-exposed with hello kitty frames so every picture you take is in a hello kitty frame:

the camera is surprisingly fun too. i shot a roll over the weekend. i’m starting to upload the set.

the packaging says “made in usa”. i was surprised as i’d expect it to have been made in japan or china. as it turns out the made in the usa is inaccurate. the box and paper packaging may be made in the usa, but once you take the actual camera out of its hello kitty skin it’s just a plain old kodak disposable camera. one that says “made in mexico” and “800 film”. the camera had been taped shut with electrical tape too. so this obviously had been re-used or recycled. when i took the film out the cannister was for konica centuria 400(this explains why the camera said to always use flash). konica is no more. today centuria is made by dnp.

i already have plans to try to reload the camera and see what i get.

at this time of year(ie the start of a new one) i like to look back and see what my listening habits have been like for the past year(the curious can see this post for 2007, here for 2006 and finally here for 2005).

my top artists this year according to audioscrobbler:

no big surprises. for comparison sakes here’s the top 10 for overall artists:

top tracks for this past year:

in comparison with the overall top tracks:

and finally top albums for this year(this one being the least accurate):

and the overall albums:

the biggest differences seem to be in the tracks charts, but that’s not that surprising.