February 2009

how did i not know that eartha kitt did a number with bronski beat? i’m guessing this is after jimmy somerville left.


last month i blogged about the hello kitty disposable camera my sister gave me for christmas. well, i’ve finished a few rolls with it now. above you can see what you get with the original film. a hello kitty frame with whatever you shoot within it.

i wasn’t sure what i’d get once i reloaded it, but i was looking forward to it. i reloaded the camera with a roll of DNP Konica 100 ASA film. the camera calls for either 400 or 800 ASA film depending on whether you believe the box or what the camera itself says. i decided to double the processing time(basically pushing the film a few stops) and develop the colour film in black and white chemistry. the results were much better than i expected. some have this subtle sepiaish look:

and others have a bit of a an orange cast:

i love how extreme a vignetting the images have. they give the horizontal shots a certain cinematic feel that i’m quite happy with.

the chawed rosin has a nice post of scans from an old boy scouts handbook. i love old illustrations like this. though i can’t help wanting someone to re-write the original text to something a bit more amusing.

a nice way to honor lux interior’s passing. wfmu’s beware of the blog has posted a collection(11 volumes!) of lux and ivy’s favourite songs. via pcl linkdump.

ah, this is fun. vintage viewmaster commercial featuring henry fonda, jodie foster and what appears to be mike lookinland(aka bobby brady):

via scrubbles.

tonight after work i stopped by eslite. i went mainly to the cd section. the other day on facebook(yes, i’ve sort of fallen for the cult) my friend allen was telling me about the latest studio album by bauhaus. so when i was there i picked it up as a possible purchase. i also picked up a joanna newsome disc i’m missing and a disc by the dolphin brothers that i’d been wanting. only one problem. i didn’t have enough money for all three. so back went joanna. after buying the discs i headed over to the bookstore section. took a quick look through the photography section and then in the western art section i spied this pierre et gilles’ book. i’ve been eyeing the big coffee table books for awhile, but this being small and cheap(about 6 bucks) i couldn’t resist and luckily i had just enough money left to buy it. it wasn’t until i got home that i realized this is part of the icon series. it’s the first from that series i’ve gotten that was hardback.

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