tonight after work i stopped by eslite. i went mainly to the cd section. the other day on facebook(yes, i’ve sort of fallen for the cult) my friend allen was telling me about the latest studio album by bauhaus. so when i was there i picked it up as a possible purchase. i also picked up a joanna newsome disc i’m missing and a disc by the dolphin brothers that i’d been wanting. only one problem. i didn’t have enough money for all three. so back went joanna. after buying the discs i headed over to the bookstore section. took a quick look through the photography section and then in the western art section i spied this pierre et gilles’ book. i’ve been eyeing the big coffee table books for awhile, but this being small and cheap(about 6 bucks) i couldn’t resist and luckily i had just enough money left to buy it. it wasn’t until i got home that i realized this is part of the icon series. it’s the first from that series i’ve gotten that was hardback.