last month i blogged about the hello kitty disposable camera my sister gave me for christmas. well, i’ve finished a few rolls with it now. above you can see what you get with the original film. a hello kitty frame with whatever you shoot within it.

i wasn’t sure what i’d get once i reloaded it, but i was looking forward to it. i reloaded the camera with a roll of DNP Konica 100 ASA film. the camera calls for either 400 or 800 ASA film depending on whether you believe the box or what the camera itself says. i decided to double the processing time(basically pushing the film a few stops) and develop the colour film in black and white chemistry. the results were much better than i expected. some have this subtle sepiaish look:

and others have a bit of a an orange cast:

i love how extreme a vignetting the images have. they give the horizontal shots a certain cinematic feel that i’m quite happy with.