a bit of old news, but for those that didn’t hear, the oscars re-broadcast(ie the ones with subtitles) here in asia were censored. the words gay and lesbian were simply cut or muted. i haven’t heard any details on who made the decision to do this. i wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone in singapore eventhough the network (star) is headquartered in hong kong. a lot of chinese subtitles are done in singapore(and singapore is hardly a bastion of gay rights). movies(on tv) shown here(taiwan) in general tend to be pretty hacked up(i feel like it’s getting a lot worse too). even stations like hbo or cinemax cut their films quite a bit. sometimes it’s just a “fuck” that becomes “frick” or gore cut out so that in some cases if you haven’t seen the movie before you may be rather confused. if a station is completely local it’s less likely to be as censored. taiwan isn’t quite as homophobic as a lot of other asian countries. there’s at least one out tv host/guest, a transgender host, and locally produced gay and lesbian films have been aired on the public television channel. in this market any excuses for this kind of censorship are just ridiculous. i guess this is what happens when someone from a rather conservative viewpoint is allowed to make a decision for a large chunk of asia.