i’m not sure if this story is getting much coverage by the taiwanese media, but considering the state of the media in taiwan i’m not surprised if it isn’t. that link is in chinese, but the important thing is the video.

apparently, a junior high school boy(who may be slightly retarded) had gone to look for someone in another classroom. at some point i guess he shoved a girl. the girl got upset and got a group of boys to beat the kid up. she filmed it all(i guess she was quite happy with the result since she supposedly posted it to the internet originally). after several kids had beaten on him they made him apologize. that would make this story bad enough, but there’s more.

i’m told the principal then tried to cover it up. in taiwan parents pay tuition for their kids to go to school and there is heavy competition between schools to attract pupils/money(usually with claims about how high their students score on entrance examinations for better high schools or universities) so any bad press about the school would hurt it in number of students or financially.

the parents tried to pay off the boy or his family(with a measly 20,000 nt(about 600 usd)). i’m not sure if they accepted the money or not. but the parents were still afraid of a scandal so they tried to find a politician to cover up the story. i have no idea what came of that attempt. i sincerely hope it doesn’t work and that they are punished severely.