May 2009

2 tone records: the covers. a look at cover versions that were released by various bands on the 2-tone record label. i only recently discovered(via you tube) some of the covers madness had done. i had no idea the number of covers that the specials did was quite so high, but i guess i shouldn’t be that surprised. via gmtPlus9(-15).


my sister clued me into some fun sites. first is this site called in b flat. it’s a collection of youtube videos that you play at once and all come together to form one song. very cool. my explanation may not be so great so just go take a look. the second site she sent me is a tonematrix. it’s programmed with a wave pattern that you can alter by inputing numbers or clicking on various boxes. very cool.

the taipei times reports on a good reason why you should always look into the toilet before sitting down on it:

A Nantou County man had an unpleasant surprise on Friday when a snake bit him on the scrotum as he sat on the toilet.

“I felt an excruciating pain in my lower body, like someone had stabbed me with a knife, shortly after sitting on the toilet bowl … I stood up immediately and saw blood oozing from my crotch,” the 50-year-old man, surnamed Lin (林), told reporters yesterday.

When he turned around and looked into the toilet, he saw a large snake in it, Lin said.

“I thought it might have been a poisonous snake. To prevent it from hurting anyone else I tried to flush the toilet several times but the snake would not go down the drain,” Lin said.

Failing to flush the snake, Lin shut the lid of the toilet and went to the hospital.