June 2009

my friend patrick clued me into this nifty little stop motion video. enjoy.


finally, last friday a very late bday/xmas package arrived in the mail. some of the presents were wrapped in very cool superfriends wrapping paper. a few highlights from the package:


  • please kill me
  • escape to witch mountain
  • persepolis


  • polaroid camera


  • the spirit of ’76
  • red dwarf series II

i’ve already read two of the books and watched the dvds. i loved the persepolis graphic novel. please kill me i enjoyed less. it was an interesting read, but man do some of those people just whine and whine. the dvds i loved. it’s been over 10 years since i’ve seen any red dwarf so i was happy to get re-acquainted with the show. and the spirit of ’76 – well, it’s hard not to love a film that includes time travel, excellent 1970s fashion, and a cast that includes david cassidy, barbara bain, moon unit zappa, and devo to name just a few. i haven’t had the chance to try out the camera yet, but it’s high on my list. happily it takes fuji peel apart film too.

of course with good things bad things must happen. the afternoon i got the package i got in my first real scooter accident. luckily, aside from myself, no one was really hurt. i twisted my wrist and skinned up my ankle and elbow. as a result i’ve been trying to lay off using the left hand a bit.

holga blog has a nice interview with those responsible for the polaroid house. the polaroid house was a seemingly abandoned house that polaroid enthusiasts took over and placed their polaroids all over. the idea being that people could come take a look, leave a polaroid and take one back. i guess the idea was maybe doomed from the start to be destroyed by idiots, but that doesn’t make it not worth attempting.

awhile back one of my contacts on flickr invited me to participate in a collaboration. he made a mask covering half of a frame. he then shot the roll, sent the camera to me and i shot the roll again adjusting the film to expose the other half of the frame. i then developed the film. above is one of the shots. below is a shot where the images didn’t quite overlap. also you can see where the mask started to come undone(the mask is made out of tape):

i kind of like the jaggedness caused by the mask. i’ll have to explore masks more in the future.

and finally a shot of the camera we used:

i’ve reloaded the camera and shot another roll. it will soon head back to efo to complete his part in the second part of the experiment.