October 2009

taiwanese band won fu are doing a quick tour of the u.s. west coast, including a halloween date in seattle. they’re a band i’ve been wanting to see live, but always seem to miss. go check them out if you get the chance. here’s one of their more girly pop numbers:


this is brilliant and frightening at the same time. via clint catalyst.

if the newer batman movies looked more like this, i’d actually be interested in seeing them.

the second of october has marked the 7th year of robot action boy. of course like clockwork i forget the day once again. things have been pretty sporadic on the blog front and i’m not entirely sure it’ll continue(the blog not the being sporadic). i’m not sure i’m quite ready to give up on it quite yet, but it may just be that i post things less frequently, or just end up mainly posting video posts.

the ghost in you the psychedelic furs version:

the robyn hitchcock version which i just discovered sometime in the last couple of months: