a preview of something i shot for ‘roid week ’09. get out your instant film camera and join the fun! runs from monday to friday(starting 6 am eastern standard time(and yes, i still think it’s stupid they are using that as a beginning time).


my friend patrick clued me into this nifty little stop motion video. enjoy.

holga blog has a nice interview with those responsible for the polaroid house. the polaroid house was a seemingly abandoned house that polaroid enthusiasts took over and placed their polaroids all over. the idea being that people could come take a look, leave a polaroid and take one back. i guess the idea was maybe doomed from the start to be destroyed by idiots, but that doesn’t make it not worth attempting.

a really nice collection of vintage jello illustrations over at see saw. it’s the first time i’ve seen the blog, but it’s full of fantastic illustrations. i definately need to find more time to explore all that is there. via quiddity and found in mom’s basement.

this looks like a fantastic show. it combines two of my favourite things: toys and polaroids. the book from the show is definately on my want list. for those of us who can’t afford the book or missed the show there is a flickr set for a virtual show.

another photography book to add to my wishlist. this one is of polaroids by patti smith. i haven’t found very many details about the book. but it looks to be a catalogue or related to the show she had in paris. i’ve read the book is more than just photographs including some poetry as well. while trying to find more details on the book i came across another book, this time on patti, not by her. a book of photographs by michael stipe documenting patti’s first tour in close to 20 years. interesting, but i think the land 250 is the more desirable of the two.

i really should stay away from bookstores when i’m trying to save money. when i saw this i couldn’t resist. it doesn’t have anything really new(to me) in it. it’s written in japanese – so i can’t understand most of the text. however, it does have some small pictures that appear to have been taken in the holga factory. i’m always curious about this sort of thing. in the end i bought it mainly to add to the toy camera library collection. one refreshing thing about the book is there is no mention of lomography anywhere. at least none that i can detect.

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