if the newer batman movies looked more like this, i’d actually be interested in seeing them.


i’ve been wanting this issue of otona no kagaku just about since i knew it existed. when i asked eslite if they could order it for me they said they couldn’t get it. on tuesday i was at eslite and what did i find, but the very thing they said they couldn’t get. this isn’t the first time this has happened, but i’m glad it did since now i have it. this issue is a 16mm diy film projector which uses “paper” film. it doesn’t look too hard to put together, but it’ll probably take me awhile to get around to doing just that.

my friend patrick clued me into this nifty little stop motion video. enjoy.

a few weeks ago peter and i went to the second run theater here to see milk. we both really liked the film of course. i had some concern as when we sat down there was a man sitting behind us talking loudly on his cell phone. luckily, once the lights went dark he stopped talking. it helped that the volume was a bit on the high side, but i didn’t hear anyone talking during the film and i don’t think that was just the volume.

the theater we went to is kind of famous since it’s the theater ang lee grew up going to. it’s one of the few theaters in taiwan still doing hand painted signs/illustrations for movies playing. an odd thing about going to this theater is it has rekindled my love of going to the movies. not just the seeing of the movies, but the joy of sitting in a theater and watching a film. i think this largely has to do with the fact that the theater is old and as a result has a character often lacking from newer theaters. the newer theaters may have better sound and newer seats but also are usually on the sterile side. they aren’t a place i want to hang out in, but older theaters have some sort of charm. maybe i’m bored with the desire for perfection and just prefer to see the cracks showing. slightly off sound, scratched film, they all have a certain something that appeals to me in the way the latest state of the art theater doesn’t.

now if the theater started showing wacky midnight movies i’d be more than overjoyed, but that sort of tradition sadly doesn’t really exist in taiwan.

watching some bongwater videos on youtube got me wondering about the film version of go ask alice. the book was one of those things many teenagers had to read in school in the hopes of scaring them away from drugs. i can’t recall if i’d acturally read the whole thing or just bits and pieces. turns out the whole movie is up on youtube. here’s the scene where she first gets introduced to drugs:

part one can be seen here. as is typical with these things, the comments by the moron brigade are pretty funny/pathetic.

a bit of old news, but for those that didn’t hear, the oscars re-broadcast(ie the ones with subtitles) here in asia were censored. the words gay and lesbian were simply cut or muted. i haven’t heard any details on who made the decision to do this. i wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone in singapore eventhough the network (star) is headquartered in hong kong. a lot of chinese subtitles are done in singapore(and singapore is hardly a bastion of gay rights). movies(on tv) shown here(taiwan) in general tend to be pretty hacked up(i feel like it’s getting a lot worse too). even stations like hbo or cinemax cut their films quite a bit. sometimes it’s just a “fuck” that becomes “frick” or gore cut out so that in some cases if you haven’t seen the movie before you may be rather confused. if a station is completely local it’s less likely to be as censored. taiwan isn’t quite as homophobic as a lot of other asian countries. there’s at least one out tv host/guest, a transgender host, and locally produced gay and lesbian films have been aired on the public television channel. in this market any excuses for this kind of censorship are just ridiculous. i guess this is what happens when someone from a rather conservative viewpoint is allowed to make a decision for a large chunk of asia.

an anatomical look at some of the creatures in godzilla. very cool. that’s gamera above in case you couldn’t figure it out. more vintage godzilla images can be found in this flickr set as well. via quiddity.

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