a really nice collection of vintage jello illustrations over at see saw. it’s the first time i’ve seen the blog, but it’s full of fantastic illustrations. i definately need to find more time to explore all that is there. via quiddity and found in mom’s basement.


microcinema is having a holiday sale. lots of interesting things on discount. eventhough i shouldn’t – i’ll probably put in an order. some things that have caught my eye: these su friedrich films, this release by negativland(dvd+cd!), a jack smith documentary, and this collection of experimental films by takahiko iimura. there are short clips of most of the films to give you an idea of what some of the films are like. lots of temptation.

an interesting post over at moominstuff about various odds and ends of polaroid packaging. probably of only interest to design and camera nerds, but the packaging for the flash bulbs probably hold a certain nostalgia factor for people of a certain age. the surprise for me was this:

yes, apparently there was at one time instant polaroid slide film. how did i not know this?

today i got a cool package from my friend erin. why/how it got delivered on a sunday is probably best not to question. as you can see above one piece of the contents was a cool keychain from canada. bonus points for it having a moose on it.

other goodies in the package:

some very cool and colourful airmail labels. i’m not sure what year these are from.

a radiohead hail to the theif puzzle thingy. this came apart in transit and i had to put it back in it’s frame. obviously, it’s still not solved. i’ve never been a huge fan of radiohead. the one song i like above others is the one diehard fans and the band themselves dislike creep. but i still think this is fun.

the back of an aerogramme. you can’t go wrong with some ballooning illustration i always say. inside is a part of a letter erin started to me back in 2000.

next up a couple of dvds. this one having erik estrada in it so you know it should be full of class.

second dvd: persepolis. i actually rented this a few months ago and really loved it. it’s a good thing i never bought it since here it is magically in my mailbox!

a postcard from sammy and rosie get laid a film that when released in the states some prudish newspapers just called it sammy and rosie. wimps.

wise advice from snoopy. well, you can never have too much of this sort of stuff.

can you smell the 70s? i’m not sure what this is for. the back says soft touch and a copyright by the american greeting card company.

and finally, a postcard from the 24 hour church of elvis. i wonder if this place even exists? i remember visiting it a few times in portland back in the early 90s.

also in the package was the beaver trilogy dvd. since it’s sans packaging, no pictures. but i’m definately looking forward to watching that. of the trio, i’ve only seen the orkley kid.

scrubbles has a cool post about the little things he would collect as a kid. very cool. he’s documented all the pieces in his box of curiousities with individual photographs too. looking at them makes me want to reach out and touch each one. he’s assembled a flickr set for them too. definately worth checking out.

i usually don’t like to buy cameras in taiwan as they are often very overpriced(especially second hand ones). it’s not unusual for someone to ask twice the asking price for what it’d cost to have the same camera shipped from the states. i’m not sure if anyone is actually stupid enough to pay so much, but i sure hope not. of course this doesn’t stop me from checking out yahoo auctions from time to time to see what’s up for sale.

this lead me to finding this little 110 gem:

yes, a 110 hello kitty camera from 1976 i believe. kinda cute until i saw that the buyer was asking around 400 u.s. for it. there were no bids and i’m pretty certain it didn’t sell.

minutes after stumbling upon that i found this camera:

apparently the flash model from the same year. except this time the seller was asking around 3,000 u.s. dollars for it. i doubt it sold either. are there actually hello kitty products that fetch these kind of prices?

a nice collection of sci-fi book covers here(via pcl linkdump). all the more interesting to me as a lot of them are in german. speaking of sci-fi, arthur c. clarke has passed away. i read many of his books when i was in junior high and high school before i was forbidden to read them(or any sci-fi for that matter) by an english teacher.

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