the chawed rosin has a nice post of scans from an old boy scouts handbook. i love old illustrations like this. though i can’t help wanting someone to re-write the original text to something a bit more amusing.


tonight after work i stopped by eslite. i went mainly to the cd section. the other day on facebook(yes, i’ve sort of fallen for the cult) my friend allen was telling me about the latest studio album by bauhaus. so when i was there i picked it up as a possible purchase. i also picked up a joanna newsome disc i’m missing and a disc by the dolphin brothers that i’d been wanting. only one problem. i didn’t have enough money for all three. so back went joanna. after buying the discs i headed over to the bookstore section. took a quick look through the photography section and then in the western art section i spied this pierre et gilles’ book. i’ve been eyeing the big coffee table books for awhile, but this being small and cheap(about 6 bucks) i couldn’t resist and luckily i had just enough money left to buy it. it wasn’t until i got home that i realized this is part of the icon series. it’s the first from that series i’ve gotten that was hardback.

an interesting post over at moominstuff about various odds and ends of polaroid packaging. probably of only interest to design and camera nerds, but the packaging for the flash bulbs probably hold a certain nostalgia factor for people of a certain age. the surprise for me was this:

yes, apparently there was at one time instant polaroid slide film. how did i not know this?

i know halloween is over, but i couldn’t resist posting about this. a fun gallery of halloween candy and wrappers over at the candy wrapper museum. this was one of my favourites:

i like the fact that it’s more than just a wrapper but extends to the candy as well. i don’t think they sold those here, but they sometimes sell hello kitty kit kats or different flavours(strawberry for instance). via pcl linkdump

today peter and i went up to jiali in tainan county for the final day of the design festival that was happening there. i’m always hoping to see something cool at these sort of events, but usually i’m disappointed. this was no exception, lots of mediocrity on display(not to mention that most of the displays were caked in dust). i guess it’s just too much to ask for things to be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

there was a sofa on display from singapore called “new wave” but it really should have been called “old wave” as it hardly seemed groundbreaking. peter mentioned that even some of the stuff that seemed nicer still looked cheap because of the materials used.

there were some interesting lamps on display and i dug quite a bit of the stuff i saw from france and germany. we ran into some friends who had bought some interesting rubber coasters which could also protect your hands from a hot cup or be used to help opening jars with tight lids by giving you extra grip.

there were a lot of bicycles on display, which makes sense when you consider how popular bicycling has become recently. it seems like lots of shops are giving away folding bicycles when you sign up for certain services or buy certain products(peter and i are supposed to be getting folding ones for signing up with a new cell phone company).

outside the main exhibition area were vendors selling various products. a lot of what was for sale was more interesting than what was on display in the official exhibition space. i’m not sure what that says about the official exhibition.

i had today off so i went down to kaohsiung to do some shopping. at eslite i found this wonderful book on animation called: animation unlimited: innovative shorts since 1940. it was in the discount section and sadly is missing the dvd that’s supposed to go with it.

a lot of big names in here: stan brakhage, len lye, ed emshwiller, mary ellen bute, the brothers quay, jan svankmajer, harry smith, etc. and maybe more importantly, a huge amount of filmmakers i’m unfamiliar with(which makes me wish the dvd was still with this even more). each artist gets a write up and then several pages of images from their films.

some sage advice from the 70s or at the very least some very cool pictures. how could you not want a purple room to roll around in? via quiddity.

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