finally, last friday a very late bday/xmas package arrived in the mail. some of the presents were wrapped in very cool superfriends wrapping paper. a few highlights from the package:


  • please kill me
  • escape to witch mountain
  • persepolis


  • polaroid camera


  • the spirit of ’76
  • red dwarf series II

i’ve already read two of the books and watched the dvds. i loved the persepolis graphic novel. please kill me i enjoyed less. it was an interesting read, but man do some of those people just whine and whine. the dvds i loved. it’s been over 10 years since i’ve seen any red dwarf so i was happy to get re-acquainted with the show. and the spirit of ’76 – well, it’s hard not to love a film that includes time travel, excellent 1970s fashion, and a cast that includes david cassidy, barbara bain, moon unit zappa, and devo to name just a few. i haven’t had the chance to try out the camera yet, but it’s high on my list. happily it takes fuji peel apart film too.

of course with good things bad things must happen. the afternoon i got the package i got in my first real scooter accident. luckily, aside from myself, no one was really hurt. i twisted my wrist and skinned up my ankle and elbow. as a result i’ve been trying to lay off using the left hand a bit.


recently, a package arrived from my brother containing a late birthday gift and an early christmas gift. the birthday gift was:

one of my favourite movies that i haven’t seen in years and am happy to report still love. at some point we’d taped this off tv and watched it countless times. just about all our friends were forced to watch it, but i don’t recall any complaining so they must have appreciated it as well.

the whole thing is up on youtube. here’s the first part for the curious:

katherine hepburn doesn’t make an entrance until part two though.

the christmas gift was the busby berkeley collection:

I’d put this on my amazon wishlist not really thinking anyone would really buy it for me. but i’m quite happy to have it. i’ve only watched a few so far, but i’m enjoying what i’m seeing. often the rest of the film(s) pale in comparison to the big surrealistic dance numbers, but i’m not complaining. the extras on the discs are nice too. some musical shorts as well as some vintage cartoons. in one of the sort of making of bits john waters mentions that these were the first midnight movies. this is what inspired the hippies to start raiding thrift stores for clothes from the 20s. considering that in the cockettes documentary there is mention of a commune devoted to the 20s and 30s where members dressed in clothes from that time and collected records from that period – it all sort of makes sense.

yesterday peter and i went to chiayi(as part of a tainan flickr meetup). we went to the artsite of chiayi railway warehouse. it’s basically some warehouses behind the train station that have been converted into an alternative art space. it was nice place and i quite liked the art. since it was the last weekend the artists were supposed to be there as well, but i only saw one(artists are given a studio space each month). a painter dealing in semi-abstract figures. one painting i liked in particular used thread or some sort of loose fabric to give the painting extra texture.

after dinner we went to the nightmarket and i ended up picking up some more toys:

the picture isn’t that great. the flash always likes to mess up my macro shots. but you get the general idea. i wish the set would have had grampa, but it was nice that it had milhouse and itchy and scratchy.

on the way back to the train station we stopped in at a cd shop and i found this dvd:

i knew there had to be a catch as it was 12 bucks for 10 dvds of hanna-barbera cartoons. i figured the quality was probably pretty low. before buying i double checked to make sure the cartoons were in english since cartoons on tv are routinely dubbed into chinese. it said quite clearly(in chinese) english with chinese subtitles. well, when we got back to tainan and i popped it into the dvd player. they were in chinese with chinese subtitles. if i had bought the set here in tainan, i could simply return them. but it’s hardly worth the train ticket up to chiayi to return the set. as a result i’m itching to see some of these old cartoons in english again.

microcinema is having a holiday sale. lots of interesting things on discount. eventhough i shouldn’t – i’ll probably put in an order. some things that have caught my eye: these su friedrich films, this release by negativland(dvd+cd!), a jack smith documentary, and this collection of experimental films by takahiko iimura. there are short clips of most of the films to give you an idea of what some of the films are like. lots of temptation.

i had today off so i went down to kaohsiung to do some shopping. at eslite i found this wonderful book on animation called: animation unlimited: innovative shorts since 1940. it was in the discount section and sadly is missing the dvd that’s supposed to go with it.

a lot of big names in here: stan brakhage, len lye, ed emshwiller, mary ellen bute, the brothers quay, jan svankmajer, harry smith, etc. and maybe more importantly, a huge amount of filmmakers i’m unfamiliar with(which makes me wish the dvd was still with this even more). each artist gets a write up and then several pages of images from their films.

today i got a cool package from my friend erin. why/how it got delivered on a sunday is probably best not to question. as you can see above one piece of the contents was a cool keychain from canada. bonus points for it having a moose on it.

other goodies in the package:

some very cool and colourful airmail labels. i’m not sure what year these are from.

a radiohead hail to the theif puzzle thingy. this came apart in transit and i had to put it back in it’s frame. obviously, it’s still not solved. i’ve never been a huge fan of radiohead. the one song i like above others is the one diehard fans and the band themselves dislike creep. but i still think this is fun.

the back of an aerogramme. you can’t go wrong with some ballooning illustration i always say. inside is a part of a letter erin started to me back in 2000.

next up a couple of dvds. this one having erik estrada in it so you know it should be full of class.

second dvd: persepolis. i actually rented this a few months ago and really loved it. it’s a good thing i never bought it since here it is magically in my mailbox!

a postcard from sammy and rosie get laid a film that when released in the states some prudish newspapers just called it sammy and rosie. wimps.

wise advice from snoopy. well, you can never have too much of this sort of stuff.

can you smell the 70s? i’m not sure what this is for. the back says soft touch and a copyright by the american greeting card company.

and finally, a postcard from the 24 hour church of elvis. i wonder if this place even exists? i remember visiting it a few times in portland back in the early 90s.

also in the package was the beaver trilogy dvd. since it’s sans packaging, no pictures. but i’m definately looking forward to watching that. of the trio, i’ve only seen the orkley kid.

stumbling on this trailer on a fad gadget documentary lead me to both the mute page and the fad gadget page about a box set of two cds and two dvds(!) on fad gadget/frank tovey. it apparently came out in 2006. why has it taken me this long to even know of its existence? i think i have some music ordering to do.

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