today i got a cool package from my friend erin. why/how it got delivered on a sunday is probably best not to question. as you can see above one piece of the contents was a cool keychain from canada. bonus points for it having a moose on it.

other goodies in the package:

some very cool and colourful airmail labels. i’m not sure what year these are from.

a radiohead hail to the theif puzzle thingy. this came apart in transit and i had to put it back in it’s frame. obviously, it’s still not solved. i’ve never been a huge fan of radiohead. the one song i like above others is the one diehard fans and the band themselves dislike creep. but i still think this is fun.

the back of an aerogramme. you can’t go wrong with some ballooning illustration i always say. inside is a part of a letter erin started to me back in 2000.

next up a couple of dvds. this one having erik estrada in it so you know it should be full of class.

second dvd: persepolis. i actually rented this a few months ago and really loved it. it’s a good thing i never bought it since here it is magically in my mailbox!

a postcard from sammy and rosie get laid a film that when released in the states some prudish newspapers just called it sammy and rosie. wimps.

wise advice from snoopy. well, you can never have too much of this sort of stuff.

can you smell the 70s? i’m not sure what this is for. the back says soft touch and a copyright by the american greeting card company.

and finally, a postcard from the 24 hour church of elvis. i wonder if this place even exists? i remember visiting it a few times in portland back in the early 90s.

also in the package was the beaver trilogy dvd. since it’s sans packaging, no pictures. but i’m definately looking forward to watching that. of the trio, i’ve only seen the orkley kid.


a few weeks ago my new polaroid camera arrived from ebay. i was very happy to get it until i opened the battery compartment and saw that it was a bit corroded and that a few of the battery connectors were either missing or just disconnected. after cleaning it up some i managed to get it to work. but i’m still not sure what to do about feedback. in most respects the seller was very good and i’m not even sure he was aware of the problem.

last saturday was a tainan flickr meetup(we met up at the an-ping treehouse). of the ones we’ve had this was the largest(nearly 20 people!). i got to see a lot of old friends and make some new ones which was great fun. i brought my new polaroid and took some shots. this being one of my favourites:

in tainan city some of the historic sites have an entrance fee if you are not a citizen of the city. well, this day i discovered that my arc(alien resident card) will get me into these places free since it states i live in tainan city. very cool.

this is pretty scary. one of my blogging friends involved in copwatch, where people observe cops on the street to make sure when they arrest people they are following the law, was recently arrested for asking for badge numbers from the police officers he was observing. sadly, it doesn’t seem like his is the only such case as there have been similiar incidents in new york and florida. it looks like a case that took place in colorado has lead to police training to make sure the cops don’t break the law which can only be a good thing.

my friend eric posted this shot of a record by divine that he’d found in his boyfriend’s collection. it got me curious, so i did a search over at the hype machine and came up with this page on divine’s music along with mp3s and videos:

another link that the hype machine returned was for this page from wfmu’s beware of the blog. aside from the divine reference i learned that tammy faye had recently passed away. speaking of beware of the blog i discovered via fd’s flickr toys(in the scout/dna function using the technorati search) that back in 2006 one of my pictures was on wfmu’s beware of the blog. kind of cool to discover that.

when i was up in taipei for the formoz festival, i found time to have lunch with one of my former students. he’d recently returned from a business trip to beijing and brought me back this fantastic set of mao matchboxes. i’m not sure if this former student knows the word kitsch but he certainly found some – and more importantly gave it to me.

the front of the set:

the back of the set:

the match boxes inside:

the match boxes inside(backside):

this reminds me of one of the times i was at the love and play diy market here in tainan. there was a vendor selling bags with mao on them. this old man saw them and sort of did a doubletake. he asked the woman selling them if that was mao and when she confirmed it he made a sort of face in shock and a bit of disgust. for younger generations i suspect mao is just an image, something to sort of laugh at but of course for older generations it’s a bit more (with good reason too i might add).

it looks like one of my favourite people on the planet has returned to blogging. melinda is the person who inspired me to start this blog in the first place, so i’m more than happy to discover she’s at it again.

today is the final day of the dragon boat holiday. instead of taking in some dragon boat races we drove up to lugang. on the way there peter’s sister called and asked what we were doing. since we were all heading to the same basic area, we decided to meet up in lugang. in total there were six of us. before we reached lugang, we stopped by a reststop. reststops in taiwan tend to be a bit different from the ones in the states. they often have a gas station attached, bathrooms, and some sort of food court. at this one we found this funky little train that contains famous crackers from chiayi. it was only 150 nt which is quite cheap so i couldn’t pass on it.

in lugang we wandered around taking in temples and checking out what the various vendors were selling. one vendor had these sort of voodoo doll keyrings for sale. i ended up coming away with two:

i nicknamed the one with all the hair lily after peter’s sister that was with us today.

after the vendor we came upon a ringtoss game. i usually don’t pay much attention to these, but this one gave you a decent size bucket of rings to toss for 50 nt. the six of us split two buckets. i of course suck at the ring toss and didn’t win anything, but nearly everyone else did, and they gave me the toys they didn’t want:

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