i know halloween is over, but i couldn’t resist posting about this. a fun gallery of halloween candy and wrappers over at the candy wrapper museum. this was one of my favourites:

i like the fact that it’s more than just a wrapper but extends to the candy as well. i don’t think they sold those here, but they sometimes sell hello kitty kit kats or different flavours(strawberry for instance). via pcl linkdump


a snapshot of my sister and i sometime in the 1970s ready for the arrival of mass amounts of candy. do kids even trick or treat anymore? in my mind, a halloween party seems rather boring compared to the adventure of trick or treating and never knowing what may be lurking behind that front door.

speaking of halloween, the flickr group name that film is chock full of great halloween movie stills. though, a few seem to be more sci-fi than halloween to my eyes.

i couldn’t help but to steal a crop of this picture my sister blogged about here. this is me as frankenstein and my sister as sylvester. of all my halloween costumes this was definately my favourite. how could you beat a glow in the dark frankenstein? ok, so those dots are really the only glowing part, but still super cool. seeing this picture again makes me wish i still had that frankenstein costume…

some music just in time for halloween. first up is music for robots. how can it be bad with a title like that? second up is calling all fiends:

Halloween is meant to be scary, right? Year after year we dust off the old novelty records. While those oldies are fun, they not at all frightening. Oddio Overplay put the challenge to musical artists the world over to create Halloween music that is “frightening, damaging and disturbing.” No “Monster Mash,” instead creepy soundtracks to a fiendish Halloween. They succeeded with CALLING ALL FIENDS! Some of these pieces will creep you right out of your skin.

i’m looking forward to being creeped out once i’ve downloaded these. via pcl linkdump.

forbidden crypts of haunted music. not just a haunted record gallery, but one where you can click on the albums and stream the music. just in time for halloween. via exclamation mark