taiwanese band won fu are doing a quick tour of the u.s. west coast, including a halloween date in seattle. they’re a band i’ve been wanting to see live, but always seem to miss. go check them out if you get the chance. here’s one of their more girly pop numbers:


if the newer batman movies looked more like this, i’d actually be interested in seeing them.

the ghost in you the psychedelic furs version:

the robyn hitchcock version which i just discovered sometime in the last couple of months:

wuthering heights, the kate bush version:

wuthering heights, the trannyshack version:

the trannyshack version takes awhile to get going, but definately has its moments.

read a write up on the powell’s blog about this book cultural history of punk: 1974-1982. they mention a seattle punk band called hellen keller. about the single they had this to say in part:

The voice is low and menacing, like someone shouting through gravel into the dark void. But then the soaring, soprano — sung by Valerie Yockey — extravagant and baroque and full of melody; it humbles you that no combination of words can do justice to the weird beauty of this song.

of course i had to hear it for myself. a quick check on the hype machine lead me to killed by death records. a blog that posts mp3s of old punk records. their tagline is i won’t pay for punk records. i’ll definately be checking out more of what’s on their blog. you can download the single here for yourself if you’re as curious as i was. hearing this, makes me wish there was more weirdness in most of the new music i seem to come across these days.

2 tone records: the covers. a look at cover versions that were released by various bands on the 2-tone record label. i only recently discovered(via you tube) some of the covers madness had done. i had no idea the number of covers that the specials did was quite so high, but i guess i shouldn’t be that surprised. via gmtPlus9(-15).

my sister clued me into some fun sites. first is this site called in b flat. it’s a collection of youtube videos that you play at once and all come together to form one song. very cool. my explanation may not be so great so just go take a look. the second site she sent me is a tonematrix. it’s programmed with a wave pattern that you can alter by inputing numbers or clicking on various boxes. very cool.

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