the second of october has marked the 7th year of robot action boy. of course like clockwork i forget the day once again. things have been pretty sporadic on the blog front and i’m not entirely sure it’ll continue(the blog not the being sporadic). i’m not sure i’m quite ready to give up on it quite yet, but it may just be that i post things less frequently, or just end up mainly posting video posts.


we’re back from the the trip. before we left we turned off most of the power. unfortunately, the fridge also got turned off. luckly there wasn’t that much in it to go bad.

peter and i are heading off to taipei and then to hualien for the lunar new year holidays. the server is probably going to be down in that time which’ll mean no pictures. blogging will continue after we get back sometime late next week.

this is pretty cool. a site devoted to cuban poster art. some very cool stuff here. it’s sad that today’s poster art is often, well, boring. via everlasting bort.

one of my favourite tim buckley songs is sing a song for you, and surprisingly there’s footage of him performing it on youtube:

i was pretty surprised at the number of tim buckley videos on youtube, though some are just things people made which don’t interest me as much.

i’m not sure who is at fault here, yahoo or just flickr, but the adding of videos to the site has ticked a lot of people off, myself included. if i want to see videos there are plenty of sites out there for it. it holds zero interest for me on flickr. i’m finding if i’m looking at someone’s stream and they have video in it i simply close their stream and ignore whatever else they may have in it. there’s already concern that this is going to up the cost of flickr to pay for the stupid videos(and the additional bandwidth). the cynic in me doesn’t really see flickr or yahoo caring about what their users think, but at least some people are voicing their opinions on the matter.

i’m having some problems with the comments. until blogger can fix the problem i’m going to be taking a short(hopefully) break from posting.

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